Homeless International Day


To lift up the situation about homelssness globally, the non profit organization Hemlösa.se has declared the 20th January to be the Homless International Day. The celebration of the Homeless Day started in 2013 by Hemlösa.se. During 2017, the organization established ”Santa Claus Prize” which contains different awards where ”Homless Hero” is one of them. The awards are given out during the international day by Hemlösa.se.

The founder to the organization Hemlösa.se, Kavian Ferdowsi, says:

We think the homeless isn’t paid enough attention in the global perspective. There are human rights with special awards and days, but none that directly focuses on the ever increasing number of homeless people in the world.

This award is to acknowledge of the situation of the homeless and encourge those who help the homeless to continue helping.

Kavian Ferdowsi

Every year, one or more heroes are awarded the title Homeless Hero during the Homeless International Day, which is one of the awards under Santa Claus Prizes. The organization first gave the Homeless Hero award during the 2013 cermony. The award ceremony occurs every year in January. At the ceremony 2017 there was non less than three people and one organization that won this prize.

Santa Claus Prize comprises of, except the Homeless Hero, also other awards for those that have done a good deed. Countries like France, Canada, Turky, Iran, USA and Finland are starting to celebrate the Homeless Day. It is a fantastic thing that Sweden has established such a beautiful and important day!

The society knows about the World Cancer Day, World Health Day, International Peace Day and the Nelson Mandela Day, but do people know a day about homelessness?

Kavian Ferdowsi